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My doctor said I have NO DETECTABLE SIGNS OF LEAKY GUT. My Leaky Gut is GONE! How I did it.

ponte-vecchio-sunsetHello! I’m back from Italy now and I have some surprising things to tell you…in fact, I’m still a little shocked about my experience in Italy – what a difference a year makes!

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that every year, I take a self-care, self-love, joy filled trip to my beloved Italy.

Last year I went, and while I had a blast, I had a lot of digestive problems.

Although I was super careful about what I ate while I was there last year, I found I really couldn’t tolerate any dairy, alcohol, coffee or legumes. I found I felt very weighed down every time I ate and eventually, I started to eat smaller and smaller meals as my trip went on because I wasn’t feeling my best.

It was a bit of a bummer because I love to eat and I LOVE Italian food.


Now you may remember, when I returned from Italy, I went straight to a Thyroid Mastermind for experts to learn new healing therapies and techniques. That was where I was first introduced to a seriously revolutionary probiotic.

While I was listening to the science and the real-world stories of success, I was still skeptical but I thought I’d come home and give it a try.

For the first three months, I kept that a secret. It is important to me to test out protocols before I’d ever make a recommendation to you. I want to understand the experience first-hand – the benefits and any pitfalls or symptoms that could arise.

When it came to MegasporeBiotic, there were no pitfalls.

In fact, I very quickly began to enjoy eating without any symptoms so much so that I put my 7-year old son on the probiotic as well. He had been riddled with food sensitivities since birth…painful bloating, constipation and difficult bowel movements. And…

burgers-at-fishing-labAfter I experienced how safe and effective it was for me, I began recommending it to my private coaching clients. Successes all around! And after testing it some more, I began recommending it to you.

What was most surprising to me was that 7 months in, my doctor told me I HAD NO DETECTABLE LEVELS OF LEAKY GUT.

He tested that through an extremely thorough blood test, stool analysis and organic acids test. Everywhere he looked for signs of inflammation and gut dysbiosis came back clear….

Wait. What?! I was shocked, but that’s exactly what he said, “No detectable levels.”

I was in disbelief truly…that’s why I hadn’t told my community that yet. I didn’t want to raise hopes too high and I wanted to test this some more…I needed proof…and the proof was in the Italian pudding this year!


This time, I ate to my heart’s content in Italy.

I’m having no issues with coffee, alcohol, dairy, legumes and even…wait for it…gluten!

Yes, I ate regular pizza both at the Milan train station and at the Pisa airport and felt nothing. I mean, I really waited for my stomach to explode but it didn’t. Nothing happened.

Now, I wouldn’t eat gluten-filled foods in the States because our wheat is so different – bred to be more glutinous and sprayed with toxic glyphosate (Round Up).

But I can tell you, the difference in my gut from this year to last is incredible and it does seem from the testing and my experience that leaky gut is gone….and the only thing I changed was adding MegasporeBiotic to my life.

My son has also added dairy to his diet and if he ends up enjoying a gluten-filled cupcake or treat at a birthday party, he doesn’t react. He’s so much happier having that freedom.

You know, it’s hard for a kid to have to worry about his diet all the time…as it is for many of us. And while, in our home we eat a whole foods, paleo-ish, gluten-free diet, it’s such a relief to feel free when we have less control over our food.


If you are still having symptoms of a leaky gut, food reactions and low energy, I highly encourage you to look into MegasporeBiotic for your health.

After a year of incorporating it into my healing plan, it’s clear to me, it’s made a major improvement in my life.

Now that I’ve fixed the gut, I’m looking for the best things to do and eat for anti-aging. It’s my new pet project so stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “My doctor said I have NO DETECTABLE SIGNS OF LEAKY GUT. My Leaky Gut is GONE! How I did it.

  1. Shayne

    Were you taking a different probiotic before you tried the Megaspore? Just curious if Megaspore is the only probiotic that gives the kind of results you’ve seen or if it’s the only probiotic you’ve tried.

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    1. Thyroid Loving Care

      I’ve tried dozens of probiotics over the years. Megaspore was the only one that worked for me after years of searching for an effective probiotic.

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  2. Sara

    Hi Jen, I am in the journey of healing my thyroid and it’s been just that, a journey. I have decreased my thyroid medication a lot, and hope to continue to. I wondering if you can answer, could overnedicating Hashimoto’s cause my labs to show lower TSH, plus lower free t4 and t3? I am currently treating SIBO and hormone embalances as well, and I have celiac disease.
    Thanks so much for your info!

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    1. JenWittman

      Hi Sara,

      I am not legally allowed to answer questions about medication. I’m sorry! It would be a great question to ask a functional/integrative doctor though. They usually have more training on thyroid and autoimmunity. Warmly, Jen

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  3. Dorothea Creighton

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s one year ago. Since then I have been working on healing my Thyroid but with little improvement. In April of this year, 2017, I was diagnosed with a severe case of SIBO. I am being told that SIBO has a great influence on Hashimoto’s. Is this your understanding? Do you have any input?

    I would like to start the Thyroid Fix in Six. Do you feel it is compatible while healing SIBO. I am using an herbal protocol for the SIBO. It is working 60% judging by my symptoms. Next would be antibiotics, which I hope not.

    Thanks for any response. I am so overwhelmed by all this. Plus, I still experience all the Hashimoto’s side effects.

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    1. JenWittman

      Hi Dorothea!

      Yes, SIBO can certainly influence symptoms related to Hashimoto’s. The Thyroid Fix in Six is compatible with healing SIBO although using MegasporeBiotic while following the TTF6 protocol can bring symptom relief of SIBO and Hashimoto’s more quickly. Feel better! Thanks for reaching out!

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  4. Evelyn

    Jen I read your email “Eat Wheat? An interesting take on healing. ” and I have a question. If It is the cervical lymph’s that drain the thyroid, what happens when you have had a hysterectomy?

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    1. JenWittman

      Hi Evelyn,

      I must apologize but that question is out of the scope of my knowledge. Ask your functional doctor their thoughts on that or I know that Dr. Douillard does private consultations still (I believe).

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  5. Ingrid


    I live in Canada and would like to know when I could have access to MegasporeBiotic.

    Thank you

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    1. JenWittman

      Hi Ingrid,

      Please email our customer service team directly to receive the order form for Canada. getTLC @

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  6. Maria Smith

    Hi Jen,

    It’s awesome that you can now eat your favorites without reacting.

    I’ve also healed my gut, but am not able to lessen my WP Thyroid without my Free T3 and Free T4 dropping from mid to high range down into the lower end of the range. This tells me I’m still not healed of Hashimoto’s. Right?

    I’ve eaten clean for 2 1/2 years, had my amalgams safely removed by a Biological Dentist, and I do oh so many supplements recommended by my functional medicine doctor to heal my gut, lower inflammation, build up my immune system, increase variety and levels of good bacteria in my gut, eat good fats, give liver/pancreatic/kidney support, adrenal support, neurotransmitter support, and on and on, but STILL I’m not able to back off on my Thyroid Meds.

    Recently, through blood testing, it’s been discovered that I have Epstein Barr Virus and HHV-6 virus (herpes 6). Could these viruses be the reasons that I’m not getting well????

    Also, I recently read a blog by Dr. Datis Kharazzian that Green Tea can cause a person to become TH1 or TH2 dominant, preventing healing from Hashimoto’s. I drink 2-3 cups of Matcha green tea daily. It’s my ONLY “treat” in life now since my diet is so restricted. Have you heard of this?

    Lastly, I hear opposing views on Iodine. For years I never would take Iodine (Iodorol) from my Naturopath because of hearing it’s like “pouring gasoline on a fire”. But, since seeing my new Functional Medicine Doctor the past 2 1/2 years, he has me taking high doses of Iodorol (100mg a day split into 50mg doses). I trusted his reasoning behind this.

    Just recently I AM questioning this since my White Blood Cell counts have been chronically low the past year and I thought I read somewhere that high doses of Iodine can do this?

    Also, my Thyroglobulin antibodies (TGB) just suddenly dropped from 127 to 3 on my last 2 blood tests (holding at 3). Can this too be due to high iodine?

    I understand (via Dr. Kharazzian’s website) that low antibodies may not necessarily mean I’m cured…but rather that my immune system has simply become exhausted and won’t produce antibodies anymore???

    I could be getting my two “issues” reversed…correct me if I’m wrong…maybe it’s the high Iodine that causes a person to become TH1 or TH2 dominant and the Matcha Green tea is what suppresses white blood cells.

    As you can see, I’m still searching for the reason I’ve not been able to stop taking my WP Thyroid without my levels dropping. It truly is all soooo confusing and I’m getting tired of trying to figure it out.

    What do you think? 🙂

    I love that some people can reverse their Hashimoto’s and it gives me hope; but, reversing my Hashimoto’s has just not been the case for me, even with everything I’m doing…

    Thanks for letting me “vent” my frustration…

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    1. JenWittman

      Hi Maria,

      I personally know how frustrating it can be to keep trying to figure out what to do to reverse Hashimoto’s and feel your best. I’ve been in your shoes. Don’t lose heart…keep searching because it is absolutely liberating to have energy again and be rid of symptoms.

      I have heard that about green tea which was a bummer for me too. I did notice when I was drinking green tea often that I had many more symptoms. So now, 5 boxes of green tea sit abandoned in my cupboard. What about swapping your green tea for a nice herbal blend? There are so many wonderful and comforting teas out there nowadays.

      I really recommend trying the Megaspore to see if it can move the needle for you a bit. Also, here’s some info on EBV.

      I know for myself and with some of my clients that when healing stalls, it’s because we’re too stressed and overwhelmed and not relaxing/doing self-care (emotional) enough. Take a look at your schedule and your stress levels and see if there’s anything there you can tweak. There are tons of articles on this blog to help guide your way. All the best!


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      1. Maria Smith

        Jen, You’re the BEST! Thanks for your input!!

        I have 3 bags of organic Matcha from Japan sitting in my fridge. I will finish those and try another herbal tea and see if maybe my adrenals and FT3 and FT4 will improve.

        Also, I stopped the 100 mg of Iodorol. I want to see what my antibodies and FT4 and FT3 will look like as a result.

        I have felt pretty good for a few years now (since stopping all grains, sugars, night shades, fruits – except berries, etc.). The foggy brain and being tired have disappeared, and my gut has felt great for a long time – no more gas, bloating, pain, etc.

        My goal is to stop taking WP Thyroid all together.

        Stress! Emotions! THOSE are the two areas that I can’t seem to completely fix. I’m a Type A personality with a lot of emotional stuff that happened 6 years ago. I still cry about it today when talking about it. I’m still trying to figure out how to let go of this through forgiveness.

        Thanks again, Jen!!! You’re awesome!

        p.s. My sweet eye doctor just got your book because she’s dealing with an enlarged thyroid, though ultra sound shows no nodules or goiters…just enlarged. She’s trying to figure things out too, so during my eye appointment it turned into a discussion about her and what you recommend from your book. 🙂 🙂

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